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Tomas Bison

He carries out all the juvenile stages in the Black Panthers of Ronchi dei Legionari, participating in the European and junior world championships with the Italian national team.

He made his debut in the Italian top league in 1990 always with the Black Panthers, he obtained a full scholarship for baseball at Palm Beach State College where he plays the NCCA championship. In all he disputes 11 seasons between Serie A1 and Serie A2 with Ronchi dei Legionari, Verona and Godo, where he meets Bill Holmberg.

During his training he has the opportunity to work for 3 winters at the Bucky Dent Baseball School in the USA, an opportunity that leads him to learn from many former Majors and coaches of the minor leagues.

In 2015 he began his career as a coach with the Staranzano Ducks, first as a coach in ISL with the Staranzano Stars, then focusing on the youth baseball sector of the Ducks, since 2017 he divides his work between the youth sector of Staranzano and the Serie B of Alpina Trieste.

In September 2017 he was called by MLB International to participate in the Instructional League as a guest coach at the Toronto Blue Jays organization.

From 2017 to 2020 he collaborates with MLB international as a Catchers and Battuta instructor during various Cadet Camps and Elite Camps.  

Since 2019 he is Head Coach of the Regensburg Legionäre in the 1. Bundesliga and Catcher and Batting coordinator for the Regensburg Baseball Academy.

The memory of Bill:  " It was the first game I played for him in that of Godo. It wasn't going very well, so Bill calls time and is preparing to pay a visit to the mountain, me and the interns will take us to the mound (at the time we could) and we wait for him who calmly arrives from the dugout, joins us and assumes his usual meditative pose, looks at us, says nothing, turns and goes away.

Another memory is linked to one of the first experiences as a "coach" (I put it in quotes because at the time I was still playing, in Godo with Bill as a coach). It was back in 2001 and Lucio Taschin invites Bill to organize a camp in Rovigo, Bill in turn asks me to take care of interiors and catchers, I think it was the very first technical in-depth camp that we all faced. Many others followed but the spirit and dedication to improve our very young has never changed. By participating in that camp Bill made me understand that in the future I could have been a manager and today if I coach a Bundesliga team it is largely thanks to him. "

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