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Bill was born on November 10th 1953 in Chicago, he will not stay very long in this city, the family very soon moves to Florida where he starts his baseball career, getting all the way to the Florida State University. 

He will play for the first time in Italy in 1976 for Vercelli to than come back in 1978 and 1979 to play and coach Godo, town where he will permanently move in 1989. The 1980 marks the end his playing career and the start of his coaching career at the Christopher Columbus High School in Miami.

As mentioned, in 1989, he starts his jobs as Player development director and manager for Godo Baseball. A long road that will bring the team from “Romagna” to a Under 18 Italian championship and that ends in 2003. He his assigned to manage the Italian U18 national team and right after appointed as Technical Director of the just borne Italian National Baseball Academy, where he will spend the next 14 years. During this period, he wears the Italian National team jersey as pitching coach for the U18, U23 and senior team, participates in important international competitions conquering several titles. After few years of break from the National Team, under his friend and Italy manager Mike Piazza, he rejoins the squad in 2019 as bench coach, pitching coach and coordinator of all the national team’s staff

In 2015 the MLB hires him as Pitching Coordinator for Europe and Africa, assignment that will allow Bill to be recognize for his technical and relational abilities all over Europe and beyond. 

In all this period Bill discover, help and leads players and coaches of all Europe, everybody find in him a great competence, passion and especially constant presence. Who had the privilege to work with him knows that Bill was always available for suggestions, confrontations but also for a good laugh and a pleasant evening, always talking about baseball.

Bill has not been only a point of reference for European Baseball, but also a husband and the father of 4 children, with his wife Gabrielle built a united and joyful family that was always ready to open the doors of their home to players, coaches and friends. His son Giuseppe describes him so:

"Dad has touched the lives of many throughout the years, and has influenced countless players and people in baseball communities around the world. Helping them develop, grow, and reach their true potential, from South Africa to Europe, and all the way to Asia. Dad never thought of being a baseball Coach as being his "job." It has always been his passion, and he has been a dedicated student of the game, refining his craft day after day. Always giving everything he has to the sport and the people he loves. Sometimes without realizing the true impact he has had on the game, and the people around him."

Bill´s professional experiences:

·         Assistant Baseball Coach, Christopher Columbus H.S., Miami, Florida 1980-1885.

·         Player development director and manager, Godo Baseball  Club, Godo, Italy. 1989-2003.

·         Coach in Residence, South Africa, 2001.

·         Pitching coach, San Marino Baseball Club, European Club Champions 2003-2005.

·         World University Games, Messina, Italy, pitching coach, 2002. 6th place.

·         Italian Junior National Team, manager, 2003-2004.

·         Area scout, Chicago Cubs Baseball Club, Europe and Africa. 2003-2011.

·         World Junior Championships, Taiwan, manager, 2004, 5th place.

·         MLB/FIBS, director, Italian Baseball Academy. 2004-2018.

·         Coordinator, Pitching, MLB Baseball OPS, 2015-present.

·         MLB WBC, Puerto Rico, TC, 2006.

·         IBAF Intercontinental Cup, Taiwan, pitching coach, 2007, 9th place

·         Italian U18 national team, pitching coach, European Championships, Netherlands, 2007, 1st place.

·         IBAF U-18 World Cup, pitching coach, 2008, 10th place.

·         WBC, Toronto, Canada, pitching coach, 2009, 10th place.

·         IBAF World Cup, Italy, pitching coach, 2009, 14th place.

·         Italian U18 national team, pitching coach, European Championships, Germany, 2009, 1st place.

·         Italian Senior National Team, European Championships, Germany, 2010, 1st place.

·         IBAF Intercontinental Cup, Taiwan, pitching coach, 2010. 3rd place.

·         Italian U18 national team, pitching coach, European Championships, Spain, 2011, 2nd place.

·         IBAF World Cup, Panama, pitching coach, 2011, 9th place.

·         Italian Senior National Team, pitching coach, European Championships, 2012, 1st place.

·         WBC, Phoenix and Miami, pitching coach, 2013, 2nd round, 6th place.

·         Italian U18 national team, pitching coach, European Championships, Czech Republic, 2013, 1st place.

·         Pitching coach, German U23 National Team, European Championships

·         Italian Senior National Team, pitching coach, European Championships, Czech Republic, 2014, 2nd place.

·         Italian U18 national team, pitching coach European Championships, Czech Republic, 2015, 1st place.

·         IBAF Premier 12, pitching coach, Taiwan, 2015, 9th place.

·         Clinic, Ramstein AFB, 2007-2019

·         Pitching coach, WBC, Italy, 2021

They say about him

So many, but which one has been the most beautiful?

The one I posted on my Facebook page few hours after his departure, the 2013 Classic, when proudly looking at our surroundings you told me: “Al, look where we got!”

Yes Bill, we have had a long road together, for sure I have not been the only one that received your lessons, thanks to you many other players had the opportunity to have success, not only in sport but also in their lives.

You have been one of the great, and for the last time I want to tell you I love you.

I am sure one day we will see each other again, in that occasion I would say that we could do a short bull pen “just few pitches” as you were used to say, “20 max” We were always ending up with at least the double of pitches.

I love you man! Alessandro Maestri 

Not one but thousands, I mostly remember him when he was training kids, sweet, with an irony not so well hidden behind a gruff, his expressions, calling almost everybody with the nickname “Dumbo”, that said from him sounded almost like a compliment. Another example was his “you are killing me”, after a player mistake that was in contrast with his mentoring. The simple logic he used to make baseball easy to understand. To a kid that was approaching him crying about a strike call he didn´t agreed upon, Bill was always replying with a question: “what did the umpire said?” And the kid:” he called a strike”, “than what are you waiting for? Swing the bat Bumbo”. These are only small example of his spirit! Carlo Naldoni extract from RICORDANDO BILL HOLMBERG. LA COMMOZIONE DEL PRES. DEL GODO BASEBALL E AMICO CARLO NALDONI di Ignazio Gori

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