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Stefano Sbardolini

He started playing baseball at the age of 12 in Brescia, a city with no tradition in that sport.

He carries out his entire sporting life in Brescia baseball.

From the improvised initial group of friends, year after year, Brescia baseball begins to climb the different categories from C2 series to A2 series won for the first time in 2006.

Conquered A2 series at the age of 40, he abandoned playing baseball to devote himself exclusively to the activity of sports manager that he started even before he was twenty.

Activity as a sports manager who has worked for over 35 years in the Brescia University Sports Center as councilor, section manager and, for over a decade, with the role of vice president.

Head of baseball in the Italian University Sports Center and member of the CUS Commission of the FIBS for many years, he has participated in the organization of all editions of the Italian national university baseball championships and has held the role of team manager of the Italian national team at the world university championships of baseball of Messina 2002 and Havana 2006.

After leaving CUS Brescia, he has been vice president of ASD Brescia Baseball since 2020.

In his working life he practices the profession of chartered accountant.

The memory of Bill:  




"This is my first meeting with Bill!

It was 2002 and we were organizing the first university baseball world championships that would be held in Messina.

With the president of the Cus Commission of the FIBS Artemio Carra and the manager of the National University Giulio Montanini we met the federal president Riccardo Fraccari in Parma.

On that occasion I met Bill who had been appointed as pitching coach.

At the moment I didn't realize the importance of the meeting.

Shortly thereafter Bill would completely change my vision of baseball by teaching me a lot of things both technical and, in particular, related to the approach to our sport.

From that moment on, I was lucky enough to share wonderful experiences with Bill, certainly challenging, but of enormous satisfaction.

After having lived with Bill the university world championships and having therefore had the opportunity to appreciate his uncommon human qualities and exceptional technical qualities, I urged the other managers of Brescia to meet him. His way of doing things, his extraordinary competence and his professionalism immediately conquered everyone to the point that we managed to convince him to move to Brescia in the years 2003 and 2004.

Its impact on our reality was devastating and it managed to transmit the true culture for our sport and for the technique that gave way to the real growth of Brescia baseball.

Thanks Bill, thanks for everything you taught me and all of us!

I and all the Brescia baseball will be grateful to you forever and we are sure that from up there you will continue to correct and encourage us!

Never give up! "

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