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Marta Bonessi

The only merit that Marta has in baseball is having married a coach, former player, as a result of which she moved to Regensburg where since 2020 she manages the Baseballschule of the Guggenberger Legionäre Regensburg. The Baseballschule  organises baseball camps and summer experience for young players and beginners.  

Before arriving in Germany she worked as marketing manager of a Serie B italian soccer team and then for years in the public administration where he also held the role of Councilor for sport at the municipal level.

In the association she has an organizational role and is responsible for the management of the website and the blog.

The memory of Bill:  "With Bill I have more memories of dinners than anything else, and they are memories of always pleasant moments. Playful moments aside Bill was a person who truly believed in comparison and meritocracy, the passion for what he did was obvious. He tested you, but if you got over it you had his confidence and opportunities.


European baseball has lost a great man and someone who, like me, has had the honor of knowing him a trusted friend. "

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