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Lucio Taschin

The Player: Left hand pitcher, in 1980 he won the regional cadet team title and in 1981 the regional junior team title. From 1981 to 1985 he played in Rovigo in Serie C and B and from 1986 to 1998 he arrived in A1 and A2 with: Bologna, Parma, Novara, Godo (Ravenna).


In 1981 he wore the jersey of the Italian junior national team for the European cup and eight years later in 1989 he was called up for the senior national team for the world and European championships.


The coach: For 4 years he worked for the Italian Baseball Softball Federation within the national technical committee, structure  made up of 6 people who organizes the national training program and collaborates with the coaches of the national team in the development of baseball and softball in Italy.


Get involved  at the international conference of coaches of the national baseball and softball committee (Spoleto 2003 - Rome 2004) and is involved in the "Italian Baseball Academy" in Tirrenia (Pisa), the first academy for players in Italy, where young talents can study during in the morning and play baseball full-time in the afternoon. For 12 years he served as Manager of the National Youth Program of the Italian Baseball Softball Federation with a focus on throwing strength and directed 24 coaches with the annual scouting, training and tournament program.


In 2002 he attended the ADIDAS Elite Baseball Camp in Praha with the MLB, while in 2009 he attended the MLB European Academy in Tirrenia (PI).


Also attends the ABCA International Coach Convention in 2001 in Nashville and 2006 in  Orlando.


In the last 21 years he has organized several clinics for regional coaches especially in North East Italy.


He has been training since 1984, but since 1998 he has specialized mainly as a pitching coach in his team (Rovigo), giving 18 players the chance to reach the national team. Currently in Rovigo he manages the technical staff.


In 2004 he attended the first scouting course with the Italian Baseball Federation in Tirrenia (PI).


In 2011-2015-2017 he joined the technical staff  of the World Children Baseball Fair in Taiwan and Japan for the WBSC.


In 2016 he became President of the Italian National Committee (CONI) of the province of Rovigo.


Since last February 2016 he has been technical commissioner for the World Baseball Softball Confederation worldwide. -


From April 2016 to December 2018 he holds the role of  European Scout for MLB and is part of the Scouting Office with the task of organizing camps and activities for the ages U18 and U15.


He is currently the Pitching Coach of the Accademia del Veneto, having held this role in 2019 for the National U14 team.

The memory of Bill:  "Bill is my point of reference. He is the person with whom I still compare myself on some fundamental aspects for the development of a player: the technique and the person, especially if he is young. I had the honor of introducing him, thanks to him, in the national team system but I had the honor of learning the art of pitching coach from him. He remains my source of inspiration, he remains the key to success in baseball and in life for many young people. "

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