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Daniele Santolupo

Attracted by a Japanese cartoon about baseball, broadcast by local television stations, he began playing at the age of 7, in the then local team of his hometown, Aprilia (LT).

The real full path in the youth teams takes place at the Anzio Baseball club up to the first team and debut in Serie A1, in 2003, at the age of 16.

Other experiences in Serie A with the clubs of Warriors Paternò, Rimini, Grosseto and Parma.


Still as a player, he takes part in all the youth national teams with the dispute of the European and World Championships. With Bill, then Manager of the U18 national team in the years 2003 and 2004, he competes in a European championship with a silver medal, and a World Cup with a 5th place finish.


In 2010 he joined the Staff of the Tirrenia Baseball Academy: personally contacted by Bill and the then president Fibs Fraccari, to take the place left by the previous Technical Tutor, Davide Sartini.

He carries out the activities of Technical Tutor and Physical Trainer until 2018, the last year of the Academy at the Tirrenia headquarters.

At the same time as those years, he joined the U18 National Technical Staff as a physical trainer, National led by Manager Guido Poma and Bill pitching coach.

In the following years, he also took part in the preparation work of the U14 and U15 baseball youth teams.

On several occasions, during the stay of the activities carried out in Tirrenia, he takes part in various Camps organized by the MLB, the last ones for the U15 category held in Italy.

He is currently the physical trainer of the Veneto Regional Academy.


Since 2016 he has held the role of Manager and Technical Coordinator at the Junior Alpina company in Trieste.

The memory of Bill:  "a phrase that then became more of a ritual after dinner at the Coni restaurant in Tirrenia << Ok Danny, let's go to the office I need to talk to you about something >> ... more baseball hours after a long day in the gym ...


<< You know, I'm starting to get tired of always being right !!! >> Phrase that remained engraved within the walls of the Academy office (and not only), said after learning the confirmation of one of his predictions come true.

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