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Attilio Casadio

As a player he has always played the role of receiver. He made his debut in the Serie B senior league  (third national series) in 1987 with Godo, the team, led by Joe Boreki, comes second in the league and is eliminated in game 5 of the Play off semifinal for promotion from Turin. In 1988 the team coached by Andrea Baldrati and Jon Long qualified second and was eliminated in Game 5 of the Play off semifinal promotion from Novara.

In 1989 with Dan Bonanno as Manager they come third in the league and do not compete in the promotion playoffs.

In 1990 at the helm of the team comes Bill Holmberg who remains there until 2001, they qualify second in the championship and are eliminated in game 3 of the semifinal Play off promotion from Crocetta. In 1991 comes the promotion in A2is in the  1992 and 1993 they earned fifth place out of ten teams in the A2 championship. In  1995 lost the final in race 5 for promotion to A1.


In  1999 begins his career as a coach and I participate in the U18 championship victory (the only national title won by Godo) in game 3 against Collecchio.  

2000 for work reasons this is the last championship played and also the last championship with Bill, the following year, in fact, Holmberg's last year in Godo as a coach, he temporarily moved abroad for work.  

Since 2002 he has been the sports director of the Baseball Godo organization. As an executive he has made an important contribution in various projects:

the creation of the Godo softball movement from 1995 to 2005

  • The scudetto playoffs we missed in 2006 in our first year in A1

  • The 10 consecutive years of stay in A1 from 2006 to 2015 with the voluntary relegation to A2 in 2016 for economic reasons

  • Promotion to A1 in 2018

  • The 30 consecutive years of stay in Serie A from 1991 to 2021

  • The organization of the Italian Baseball week of 2005 with the presence in Godo of national teams such as the Cuban and Dutch ones

  • The organization of 3 matches of the 2009 World Cup

  • Promotion to A1 in 2005 with Maurizio Zoli as coach and Christian Mura as Pitching Coach

The memory of Bill:  “When Bill arrived in Godo in 1978 I was 9 years old. In those days, but also later, when my mother could not find me, she would come to look for me at the baseball field. I dreamed of beating the winner of race 7 of the World Series, even though it was almost impossible to see footage of that championship at the time. So every Sunday they cheered on local heroes. That year we had an American player and just the fact that he came from the United States gave him a magic and a supernatural air.

Tall, light brown curly hair and an arm that Godo had never seen before. Bill was a great hitter. In defense he played the role of receiver. What impressed me as a child was and is the ease with which he eliminated runners who tried to steal it at second base. Here I later, under the guidance of Bill, I held the same role. Hours and hours of work on the fundamentals to try to anticipate the movement, to reduce everything to the essential, to gain a few hundredths of a second, to make sure to perform the technical gesture of the launch in the second on automatic stolen like breathing. Bill on the steal stood up with an expression on his face that said "But where do you think you are going", took the step and threw a real Strike shot in the glove of the second base I do not remember an arrival except in second base.

Since he was a boy, Bill loved being on the pitch and working with us, we did training in the summer every morning at 10. Every morning at 10:05 we went by bike under his window to throw stones to wake him up. He opened in a bad mood, he arrived at the camp after a few minutes still sleepy and angry, but when he crossed the foul lines he transformed himself into that charismatic and competent being who always knew what to do and what to say to bring out the best in each of us .

I've always had the love for Baseball, but the contents of knowledge of the various technical gestures, of knowledge of the game of respect for the game itself well Bill has put those in me and I will be forever grateful to him for this "

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